Call for Video

Share your Video Story


We all have stories to tell! And our stories are important too, as it could inspire, educate and lead to positive change.  Videos are the most powerful medium to share your stories


Here is an opportunity to share and showcase your video stories!


The International Care Leavers’ Convention invites Care Leavers to make their videos which could be any of the following themes


  • Your experience in Care and how is it different after leaving Care?
  • Why do you think it is important to continue to support Care Leavers?
  • What is the one message you wish to share with Care Leavers across the globe?
  • What is the one big change you wish to see in the next 1 year in your country to support Care Leavers?

Your videos will be hosted on the convention virtual platform


   Points to Note:


  • Length of the Video:  3 Minutes
  • Language- Any (with a caption in English)- Remember to place white text on a darkened background for clear visibility.
  • How to Share:  Via we-transfer to 
  • By When: 17th Nov 2020

Hurry! Take out your mobile/ or borrow from your friend, make your video and send it to us!

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